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Days, these days..

. It was 102 degrees at the zoo the other day. They had me stationed at the butterfly exhibit, when it got to 100 the volunteers inside got to leave, and we had to go inside for them. It felt like I was in Costa Rice, butterflies brushing over my head, the heat so intense it melts in my throat. I got sleepy, sluggish, I watched catterpillar's in their Chrysallises struggling to emerge with wings. It was so hot. Even riding the bus home was exhausting at the end of the day. I felt half delirious.

. The next day I floated in Kody's grandma's pool. I spent hours diving under with fake fins and underwater bubbles leaving my lips. Kody's grandparents live in the country, surrounded by green lush fields, a deep forest, and a perfect view of Mt. Hood dusted with clouds.

. I stumbled over a gate a couple days ago at the zoo, and flew a couple feet down hill. My left elbow is badly scraped, I felt like I was 10 years old again. It stung the whole evening, I bruised up my knees, my arms, I banged up my hand.

. Work, I really love work. I mean it is work so, I get bored, tired, but it is a great environment. I meet hundreds of different people every day. I recieve loads of smiles. I never know where they will have me, yesterday I was running this 3d thrill ride by iworks. I felt like a theme park employee, Kody keeps calling me a carny.

. Cuddles & cotton candy kisses & fresh oregon strawberries = ♥
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